THE TELL is a live storytelling and music series Hosted and Curated by Michael Leviton. Each installment, four storytellers tell true stories from their lives in an improvised conversational style, the way they'd tell them to friends or at a party. Michael chooses the stories and storytellers tending toward charming, dark, funny, and tearjerking stories of the bizarre, the chaotic, the hard-to-relate-to, and the morally ambiguous. 

a "tell" is a gambler's unwitting mannerism that accidentally reveals the hand.

The monthly series began in October, 2015 when Natalia Schwien at National Sawdust invited Michael to curate a series. in December 2016, The Tell moved to the ballroom of The Jane Hotel with Natalia producing until April, 2018. In Aug. 2016, Michael Leviton partnered with producer Gabriel Galvin to compile recordings from the live events into a monthly podcast. THE TELL has featured stories by many characters including filmmakers, public defenders, musicians, activists, actors, comedians, writers, a realtor, photographers, music critics, local characters, a sex Coach, and a hypnotherapist.