"The whole point is these are their stories—poignant, personal, funny—and the beauty is in the telling."

"...Everyone from actors, musicians, and acclaimed writers have rolled through to tell their tales. Most recently I caught Zoe Kravitz's disasterous date story involving...a turtle."

"I also feel obligated to point out that THE TELL is a great place to take a date and the audience is always extremely attractive. It's inexplicable!"

"Living in New York, we’re bombarded with people telling stories about themselves. Typically, they’re pretty awful, but occasionally they’re hilarious, heartwarming or simply unbelievable. A new podcast and monthly event handpicks the best of the best, offering a curated selection of personal anecdotes that are actually worth being shared."

"The beauty in The Tell is in not knowing what to expect, but always being pleasantly surprised at the way the night unfolds, who you see, the strange, wild, humorous stories you have the chance to hear. It feels like an event from another time, somehow—before we had the Internet to learn everything about everything before going anywhere..."

"Michael Leviton is capitalizing on the wealth of personal stories people carry around unexposed."