THE TELL is a live storytelling and music series created by Michael Leviton and produced by Natalia Schwien. The idea is to feature storytelling performances that aren't rehearsed or memorized, that are more about the wild, imrovised quality of social storytelling with all its expressive flaws and chaos. Michael Leviton chooses the storytellers according to his own eccentric sensibility, often featuring charming, dark, funny, and tearjerking stories of the bizarre, the hard-to-relate-to, and the morally ambiguous. The monthly series began in October, 2015 at Brooklyn's National Sawdust and, in December 2016, moved to the ballroom of The Jane Hotel. In Aug. 2016, Michael Leviton partnered with producer Gabriel Galvin to compile recordings from the live events into a monthly podcast. THE TELL has featured stories by many characters including filmmakers, public defenders, musicians, activists, writers, photographers, a sex Coach, and a hypnotherapist.

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